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Ambassador Program!

Diamond Babes

Are you, or someone you know, super into fashion, like SUPER into fashion???  Do you love to stand out and rock whatever you feel like wearing??  Do you LOVE to help others grow and support other women? 

If that sounds like you then you are at the right place!! 

We are opening an ambassador program that will be like a little community of supportive girls who love to post on their socials and support their fellow “Diamond Babes.”    

We are looking for girls who have a great audience on their socials, and NO this does NOT mean tons of followers!  If you have a lot of engagement on your posts then you have a great chance to be a part of the team!


The main goal of the program is to bring new clients to a Diamond in the North while creating a safe space for everyone to also grow their socials and meet new friends along the way!!

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Perks of becoming a Diamond Babe

  • An exclusive 30% off your very first purchase!

  • $$$ incentives for every unique post you tag us in!

  • Your very own personalized code for your followers to use!

  • The chance to be reposted and shared on our growing social media accounts!

  • Insights on new arrivals and first pick opportunities!

  • Work your way up to a small PR package every month

How to become a Diamond Babe?

Apply and we will reach out to you with more details and how we will help each other grow!  We can’t wait to hopefully work with you!

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